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Here’s 6 Free SEO Tools to Boost Your Small Business Marketing

A telescope to illustrate online search

If you’re a freelancer or small business who’s just started blogging you’ve probably heard about SEO.

The experts tell you if you don’t put search engine optimisation in place, only your mom will be reading your blog (I mean your mom should be your most loyal reader NOT your only reader).

There’s 3 billion online

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Create Professional Social Media Graphics With These 5 Free Tools

Black camera on yellow background

Adding visual content to your social media marketing strategy can be a bit scary.

You might want to include graphics in your posts, but you’re a small business or freelancer with little to no experience in professional photography or design.

Why would you even need to add images to your marketing content?

Well, we know …

Marketing, Social Media Marketing

How to use Facebook Audience Insights to Find Your Perfect Customer

Iphone with Facebook application open and a notebook on a desk

Facebook Ads offers you free tools to research your audience.

The Audience Insights feature can provide a detailed analysis of your target audience. If you’re a freelancer or small business owner, you can use the feature to help develop your customer persona.

In this post, we’ll discuss how to use Audience Insights and the level …

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A Simple Three-Step Cybersecurity Plan for Freelance Writers

Blue lock to symbolise website security

As a freelance writer or small business owner are you protecting yourself against cyber-criminals who want to steal your private information?

I recently found out exactly how vulnerable my device – and freelance writing business – was.

Online attacks strike major corporations and even government units, but as a small business owner or freelancer writer, …

Public Relations

Apply These Techniques to Improve Your Crisis Communications

A detailed plan will guide your response in crisis communications

We’ve all been there.

You’re managing public relations for your organisation and you see a reputational risk brewing.

Do you issue comment proactively before it all spirals? How often should you release updates during the peak of a crisis?

It’s your job to put together a detailed crisis communications plan to help guide your firm’s …