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Snapchat Redesign: Better Audience Targeting and Wider Reach

Image of Snapchat Ghost logo

It’s been a strange news week for Snapchat.

On Monday, the popular multimedia app went down, affecting thousands of accounts. The outage lasted a few hours, sending panicked users fleeing to Twitter for answers.

At the same time, an internet rumour that the app would shut down was circulating. Citing copyright problems with other social …

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How to Facebook-proof your marketing strategy  

Image of Facebook login screen with cursor

Facebook offers you the attention of 2 billion people.

Or is that the myth we’ve been sold?

Facebook does have 2 billion active monthly users, and 1 billion daily active users. It’s the kind of reach that means that many of us pay very close to attention to what Facebook does.

If you use Facebook …

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A marketing campaign for the zombie apocalypse

Zombie peering over a sheet

Happy Halloween!

In keeping with the theme, I believe it’s fitting, no necessary, to talk about the marketing lessons we can learn from zombies.

I didn’t think it was a natural combination either, but our friends over at the Centre for Disease Control in the United States of America saw the opportunity. The result? Well, …

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Welcome to!

Hi, I’m Bronwynne! Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa!
Welcome to, a space where we can have conversations about using communication and tech to inspire people and change the world.
I’ve spent the past five years working as a media spokesperson in the office of Alan Winde, a Minister in the Western Cape Government. …