Public Relations

Apply These Techniques to Improve Your Crisis Communications

A detailed plan will guide your response in crisis communications

We’ve all been there.

You’re managing public relations for your organisation and you see a reputational risk brewing.

Do you issue comment proactively before it all spirals? How often should you release updates during the peak of a crisis?

It’s your job to put together a detailed crisis communications plan to help guide your firm’s …

Public Relations

5 Simple Ways to Generate Content for Your PR Strategy

With the help of a few systems and too, you can generate relevant content for your public relations strategy.

In 2018 compelling content is at the centre of a solid public relations strategy.

The days of mass sending press releases for all company updates are over. Now the goal of content in your PR strategy is to inform and educate your audience – while promoting your organisation.

This is especially relevant as analysts point

Social Media Marketing

Facebook News Feed Change: 7 Ways You Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy

 If you’re a business using Facebook marketing to promote your product or service, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the news feed “Armageddon” about to destroy your Facebook page.
This week Facebook announced that posts from family and friends would be given priority in the newsfeed. It’s a trend the social network
Social Media Marketing

Free Online Tools To Power Your Social Media Strategy in 2018

There are several free online tools to inspire and organise your organisation’s content strategy.

You’ve decided that in 2018 you’re going to consistently post valuable content on your social media channels. But to start, you’re worried you’re going to run out of inspiration or you’re not sure how you will keep track of all those …


Here’s a List of Free Online Marketing Courses

Woman sitting on floor with laptop in library

If you’re new to marketing – or you’d like to brush up on your skills – there are several online courses.

My own marketing knowledge is a mix of first-hand experience and online training.

I studied journalism, and then media theory and practice with a focus on social media. A few years ago, I completed …